Saturday, 16 February 2008


If you haven't seen the snowdrops at the front of St Mary's church they are lovely. Below them, the church wall is literally covered with snail trails - the whole wall shines when the sun falls on it. Obviously, snails do not eat snowdrops! - George

Birds singing

No time to walk off road today! But the birds live among us: a cheerful pied wagtail was singing, in the sunshine, from the parapet above the entrance to Boots in the High Street. Outside the library, a long-tailed tit was chirruping in the tree above the phone box. And by the river bridge, in a hawthorn ten paces from the traffic lights - a treecreeper, singing so loudly I could hear it many yards away, even over the traffic. They all live in the same busy world we do - we must care for their needs too! - George

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Bird surprises

Two bird surprises near the traffic lights today! A grey wagtail flew up from the stream - but this one flew over the road and over the Palmer Road housing estate. Where was it going? Then a big brown bird flew low over the stream towards the Waitrose roundabout. Not a duck, or a heron. Funny, surely not a tawny owl in daylight? No - it was a young buzzard. Then it flew back again, yards from the traffic. What was it looking for along the stream? Creation, just like the Creator, can be mysterious at times! - George