Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Around now

The long tailed tits are still around, and their nest is now complete (so let's not disturb it). The first showy flowers of the year, nearby, are some fine Marsh Marigolds. Finally, I was noticing the cobbles. A blackbird was pulling a worm from between two of them - actually, cobbles are a much more environmentally friendly surface (except for the worm!) than we realise - George.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Long tailed tits nesting

I won't say exactly where but if you are near the bottom of Sandbach Park you might just spot a pair of long-tailed tits building a nest. Last Wednesday they had built only the foundation, but by Saturday the nest was half complete. The nest is made of lichen and 2000 or more feathers - watch for the birds carrying these. The pair are actually old friends; last year they built in the hedge on the lane close by, though sadly (probably) a cat or a magpie pulled out the nest. Hopefully they will do better this year! - George