Saturday, 23 August 2008

Bird and Beast

It was clear which birds nest early, today. Adult Blue-tits looked fresh, their brood-feeding days well past, while a weary hen Blackbird let me get within a yard before she tiredly shuffled under a bush perhaps still foraging for late nestlings. A Rabbit jumped on hearing a Crow, then settled where I could see the sun shining right through her delicate ears. I was admiring the many berries, of Elder, Rowan and Guelder Rose near Waterworks Farm corner, when I spotted a plump, pink hen Bullfinch as she piped peacefully to herself, well within view of a whole row of bedrooom windows (was anyone watching?). Do you keep a window "bird list" for your home? - George

Sunshine at last!

After so much rain, insects were few on the Trail in sun today. However, Brown and Southern Hawker dragonflies (including a stunning fresh male of the latter hanging from a nettle head) were very active, as were Hoverflies at the Dingleand lots of Common Field Grasshoppers. Sadly I can't visit often enough to make meaningful counts but I made it 9 Speckled Wood butterflies and 5 Green-veined Whites at trailside, though all the Large and Small Whites seemed to be hovering in gardens over cabbage patches! But the best was yet to be; a Holly Blue flickering over the Park pond and, even better, a stunning male Common Blue on Ragwort at Point No 10 - George