Monday, 27 July 2009

A wet walk

A wet walk round the Environment Trail on Sunday produced just a couple of bumblebees from the insect world. However, birds included Bullfinch and a bored looking young woodpigeon, while the flowers included completely new ones for the Trail. Lesser Reedmace (Lesser Bulrush) was a new find at the Park Pond, as was a plant of Celery-leaved Buttercup in the new culvert there. Common St John's Wort was another new record both on the Trail and the side of the bypass, where it may have been sown but has not been recorded before. Finally the walk party was shown the Hard Shield Fern in Front Street, where the Mosses were also noted to be in unusually good health for the time of year because of the sadly wet summer! - George

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Summer days

All sorts of wildlife is to be seen at the moment. Last week along the Trail, both Sparrowhawk and Buzzard flew over me. A Brown Hawker dragonfly over the Park Pond was the only one of this insect, but butterflies were widespread. Gatekeepers were in evidence at Post No 10, with Speckled Woods and Commas in several places, and the odd Green-veined White. In two places I was delighted to see Holly Blues, one of which appeared to be drinking presumably mineral-rich salts from the moist sandy soil of a recent molehill. In the hedge around the old Sandbach Waterworks site, a clucking hen Blackbird was about to feed a couple of Peacock butterfly caterpillars to her brood. One Moorhen was on the Park Pond, but no chicks in sight. - George