Saturday, 19 September 2009

Season changes

A short walk today showed me how the Park is changing with the season. Perhaps the most unexpected was a singing Chiffchaff near the Pond, perhaps a bird on migration or the local one singing (as they seem to) when it is about to migrate. Also the first Nuthatch I have seen for some time was in song in an Alder there. At the Dingle, a wasp was hovering over something that turned out to be the corpse of a young Short-tailed (or Field) Vole, easily recognisable by its stubby tail and hardly visible ears. Finally and somewhat belatedly, here are some summer pictures taken near the Park Pond. They are 1) a Woodpigeon, and 2) and 3) a young Rabbit that I photographed there. Picture 3) came as quite a shock! It came when as I crept up close to the Rabbit and took the shot: my flash fired unexpectedly! Evidently rabbits have orange-eye where humans have red-eye! - George

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Wagtail in Boots!

I rarely have anything to report from the High Street section of the Environment Trail. However, I couldn't resist describing the juvenile Pied Wagtail that I met pottering around outside Boots. I was actually standing inside the shop door when it pattered towards me and, skidding on the polished floor, nearly shot right into the shop!. It was quite unfazed by the people on the pavement and picked at specks on the pavement right under people's gaze, before flying up to the roof above, whence it would doubtless be down again soon. - George