Saturday, 21 November 2009

Unwelcome visitor?!!

A brief dry walk at the start of a very wet forecast weekend saw the Trail grey, cold and windy. Only warm-blooded creatures were active. A Mole has moved into the lawn of Brook Court, but a much more unexpected sight met me on looking over Brook Bridge down at the high stream. Very dark brown in the water, very active swimming leaving chains of bubbles on the surface behind it as it swam below, was a young Mink! No doubt here, it was little bigger than a stoat, far smaller than any otter. A worried Grey Wagtail perched briefly by it, as it worked rapidly downstream, the best view I have had of one hunting. Mink are aliens here, killers of waterbirds as well as destroyer of their nests; but it was still a beautiful killing machine. In the wood two Wrens sang. Further on, over Dingle Lane 25 Redwings flew over to the pond, which was alive with birds. On high twigs two Goldfinch were hunched against the rising gale, which also lifted 25 Jackdaws over the town centre and ruffled 37 Starlings on television aerials. I went home while I was still dry - George

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Even here!

This observer has had little time to look at the Environment Trail recently, but at least one nature sighting was possible today - at the Eco-Fair in Sandbach Town Hall! Folks standing at the A Rocha stall at the event were treated to the sight of a sparrowhawk actually soaring in circles past the building! Perhaps it actually wanted to attend the fair but could not find an open window to fly in! - George