Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Stalking by the stream

It has long been my ambition to get a photograph of one of the most beautiful of British dragonflies, the Banded Demoiselle. One or two green females and the odd stunningly iridescent blue male, with its black wing-band, are usually to be found along the course of Arclid Brook beside the Sandbach Environment Trail in hot June weather. This June, I had my camera ready!

Also near the stream were a nice fresh Meadow Brown butterfly ( a species I usually encounter in a seriously battered state)
and an engagingly tame Large Skipper. All these with thirty yards of a major roundabout gridlocked with traffic in all directions . . .
The Bible tells us that the perfect Son of God came to walk in our imperfect world. Perfection next to (very) imperfection is a contrast that should make any of us think! - George

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bumbling around the Trail

Our organised walk round the Trail took place on a rather windy day, so we never heard the soft peeps of the resident bullfinches, only the strong song of Blackcap and Chiffchaff. Insects are surprisingly little troubled by wind, however. Brown Carder, Large Red-tailed and other bumble-bees were very busy, though apart from the odd Blue-tailed there were no damselflies or dragonflies, the Banded Demoiselles not having shown up yet this year. Many flowers were in colourful bloom and the Hard Shield Fern in Front Street was in good condition. - George