Saturday, 13 November 2010

Leaf fall

A walk round the Sandbach Environment Trail after Thursday's gale has shown that only the odd weak sapling came down, but fallen leaves are deep everywhere. Apart from an odd nuthatch calling there was little about, but it was very pleasant to be able walk through tree areas in sunshine for once. A visit was also made to "Brook Wood", where the new Sandbach Woodland and Wildlife Group is considering a project (supported by A Rocha locally, perhaps under its planned Friends In Action scheme) and this area was also pleasantly sunny, with a couple of charms of goldfinches enjoying the daylight probably more than a solitary jay who had lost its shady refuge.
Apologies, by the way, if you log onto the main Sandbach Environment Trail website, as this does not look as it should due to a change in Gooogle's website system! The homepage is still correct despite not having a tile now. It will be restored (or revised) when our very busy webmaster has time. - George