Saturday, 12 March 2011

Litter and bees

It's astonishing where litter can get to. Our A Rocha litter pick this morning along the Environment Trail turned up various items including a roller blind, and three footballs in the Park pond. Oh, and I got covered in Coke when a bottle I was retrieving turned out to be unopened! But it was a pleasure to be out on a spring morning, one which included my first bumble-bee of the year as well as many singing birds and the first lesser celandines. Also a pile of eight cigarette lighters behind a tree. We live in an excruciatingly bittersweet world, in which the evidence of human nature and the evidence of God's love in Creation are juxtaposed often heartbreakingly. Which is why Christians believe in Someone who, the doctors tell us, evidently died as His heart literally broke, under the physical strain of the Cross. Let us always remember that Jesus sacrifice was so that we might live new lives, not carrying on treating His world in the same old way - destructively, unsustainably, and tragically especially for the poor whom He loved most of all.  - George