Saturday, 5 November 2011

Path of gold

The leaves are falling along the Sandbach Environment Trail. Better, they are colouring gold. I thought the finest were the Plane trees near the Park pond. But then I found a veritable path of gold, where the round leaves from the Aspens below Ravenscroft Close were like giant coins all along the path. It is remarkable that even the discarded waste products of the natural environment (so differently from our human rubbish) speak of the path that the Creator has set aside for us to walk. One wonders whether Jesus liked walking in autumn. Apart from leaves, it was an excellent bird morning, with three Jays in line, and flocks of Woodpigeons, 29 Lapwings and a mewing family group of no less than five Buzzards all headed down the valley. Small tits and other birds were everywhere, and I wondered if the Nuthatch calling at the Park pond was the fledgling I photographed there in April  - George