Monday, 30 May 2011

Stop press - new bird!

Re the report below - Andrew Bailey says: "Your bird sang from time to time, and while I was waiting for its early warble to develop into a full-throated Blackcap song, it didn't! I'm satisfied it was a Garden Warbler, a nice record. What's more there was a Blackcap singing from time to time across the path near the fishing lake, and although this bird was later answered by another Blackcap 100 yards or so further on, 'our' bird took no notice. I think the strong wind restricted birdsong; it certainly made observation difficult and I didn't see it. I heard G S Woodpecker, Chiffchaff, Coal Tit, in addition to probably three Blackcaps and the Garden Warbler"  - George pp Andrew.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Birds at the pond

At the Park pond there was lots of bird life yesterday. Was it, wasn't it? One singing bird just might have been a garden warbler, not a blackcap - a new bird for the Trail, if so. Something that was definitely present was a lot of high pitched whistling. I tracked it down to a family of newly fledged nuthatches! Their parents were so distracted by their youngsters' demands that I was able eventually to stand really close. The adult birds were feeding at a frantic rate, grabbing eveything in sight that they could push down the throat of the nearest juvenile - even the one that landed on a branch four feet from me and started going to sleep! Here's a couple of pictures - but do we ever realise how much our heavenly Father is focussed on us?  - George

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Singing restoration

A sound caught my ears while standing in the High Street. It was a birdsong, a loud one - but from where? It was coming from somewhere high, and it was a Mistle Thrush. Finally, I tracked it down: the bird was singing from the one place I had assumed it could not possible be using - a perch high on the scaffolding on St Mary's Church tower!
Perhaps we should always regard restoration as something to celebrate. Anything that was failing and is now being restored is very much in line with the purpose of God's people. My Mistle Thrush was wiser than I was - and closer to heaven, too!  - George