Thursday, 28 March 2013

Death and New Life

Some of us might feel that the bitter east wind of late has been fairly deathly! I certainly do, having just returned from a visit in sunny Portugal to A Rocha's first centre at Cruzinha! The biggest news on the Environment Trail of late was the transplanting into the Park of some of the Common Spotted Orchids from Waterworks Farm (as an insurance against any recurring development work). Orchids are strange plants, able only to live in symbiosis with an unseen fungus that provides their nutrient needs. Perhaps they are analogous to us, for we also are nourished by a Partner we cannot see. Speaking of (similar) lilies, Jesus said that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of them. Orchids can be stunningly beautiful; and when they (hopefully!) appear from nowhere in the mossy turf we transplanted, they show us that there can be new life for any of us, no matter how cold and dark we feel, once we are connected to Him who rose at Easter as Saviour and Lord. No pictures of orchids yet, though - so here is a picture from the Trail, on the wall of St Mary's churchyard, of some moss! (probably Bryum capillare) - George