Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Full Season

This is a long delayed post! The Environment Trail continues in good health but the main news of the season has been the very fine improvement of the Sandbach Park Pond. at the time of writing the planned boardwalk is expected shortly, and the (now) thre ponds, which looked so bare in spring, are now bursting with new life and species, several unknown here before. On behalf of our A Rocha group I have been surveying it every month, my reports being much appreciated by Jez Sanders, the landscape architect and designer, and Mike Benson of the Park's Friends and chair of the Town Council. Our survey reports will now provide a historic base and guide to the newly refurbished Pond's wildlife. Just as a taster, I add below some pictures from the surveys, of Banded Demoiselle and Common Darter dragonflies and of Smooth Newt, trifid Bur-Marigold and of Purple Loosestrife by the pond - George