Thursday, 26 January 2017

New Year ways

We will try to post more often on the Sandbach A Rocha UK blog in future. Events in Paris, the UK and the USA mean that the environment is high on many peoples' agendas now.
What has happened locally? The Sandbach A Rocha UK group continues to support the excellent path-creation projects around the town. Moreover, we have produced (for the Sandbach Woodland and Wildlife Group) the new Sandbach Bridges Trail (South) nature trail text, and we are working on a 'North' text too.
Last summer, we rescued nearly 20 fine Common Spotted Orchids from the threatened Waterworks Farm site, and these, in mapped locations, will be monitored in the coming year.
Local wildlife is slowly emerging from the winter season, with the Marsh Marigolds putting up rich green leaves.Life after the dark and cold of winter speaks of Jesus who rose from the dark and coldness of the tomb.
We will be Litter Picking on Feb 25th - please contact a group member for details.
Please note that the email address attached to this blog is not now regularly monitored (due to spam).