Sandbach Environment Trail printable free guide

Paper Saving: if possible and you know how, print the guide on three sheets (double sided, odd page numbers then even) rather than six. In either case, the result can be folded directly into a booklet.

The free guide to the Sandbach Environment Trail can be printed from here as follows:
Click on the following link:

The file should load automatically from Google Drive (it takes a few seconds; you can scroll down to see if all the pages are clear).

Printing it directly (double-sided) may give some pages upside down. Please either:

Print it single-sided, then fold to make a booklet.

Or (using less paper to print it double-sided) first download it. [Windows 10 etc. instructions].
Then do NOT open it directly after downloading (because printing will still give some pages upside down).
Instead, click the little black arrow and  "Show in Folder", then  open the file in its folder (or save it to somewhere else then open it).

Then print it by clicking on the word File at top left. Select "Print", then check "Print on both sides of the paper". Then check the new box which appears, that says "Flip on Short Edge". Printing should now give all the pages the right way up.

Any problems, email George at