Why walk the Trail?


Walk the trail

Open your eyes to this wonderful world even in the town by walking Sandbach Environment Trail. Explore how we can live better with the rest of creation.

The Sandbach Environment Trail explores the natural history of Sandbach and our human impact on it. More than a nature trail, it highlights how we should co-exist better with the rest of Creation.

The trail is 2 miles long and takes 45-90 minutes to walk. The circular route starts from the Crosses in Market Square, goes via the Post Office, Brook Bridge, the Town Pump, the Library, Sandbach Park Pond, Betchton Close amenity area, upper Sandbach Park and the Town Hall, then returns to the Crosses.

Along the Trail there are fifteen numbered Points of Interest. For variety there are Side Routes which are interesting diversions. In addition Look From Here positions offer views of habitats and wildlife sites which have no public access.

Waterproof footwear is best. Damp areas on paths are caused even in dry seasons by natural spring lines.

The Trail uses public rights of way and public open access land only. No responsibility is accepted by A Rocha or its local group or members regarding use of it.